The Family & Friends contribution is intended for clients who wish to receive even more income with their relatives and friends or to receive a bonus from the placement of their own additional funds.

The deposit implies an additional bonus rate depending on the total amount of the Main and Additional deposits. The main contribution is made by a client who plans to self-deposit other funds on the Family & Friends Supplemental Deposits to receive an additional bonus rate, or to attract his / her relatives / friends to deposit funds for the Family & Friends Additional Deposits.

The currency of the Primary and Additional deposits must be the same.

When making the Master Deposit, the Client is issued 5 Certificates, in which the client independently specifies the identification data of other persons who are able to place funds for Additional deposits "Family & Friends". However, such a Certificate is not a security within the meaning of the Law of Ukraine “On Securities and the Stock Market”.

The deposit does not provide for the possibility of replenishing additional contributions.

The minimum deposit amount

  • main deposit— 500 000 UAH. or 20 000 USD/EUR
  • additional deposit — 50 000 UAH. or 3 000 USD/EUR

The payment is made at the first request of the depositor. In case of non-compliance with the term of the deposit, interest for the incomplete term is calculated at the rate (at early closing at the client's initiative) - 0,01%.

Additional Bonus Deposit on the Primary and Additional Deposit

An additional bonus rate is accrued during the validity of the Basic Agreement. In case of termination of the Main Agreement, the bonus rate for Additional deposits is not accrued from the date of termination of the Main Deposit. випадку припинення дії Основного Договору, бонусна ставка для Додаткових депозитів не нараховується з дати припинення дії Основного депозиту.

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Interest on the Main and Supplementary deposits is paid on a monthly basis

Interest can be paid

  • to the current account of the client in CREDOBANK.

You can also make a bank payment card to your account and receive interest through ATMs or make purchases with their help. When making a bank payment card (MasterCard Debit product line) to the Deposit, receiving funds at any ATM of Ukraine - FREE

  • to the client's deposit account in CREDOBANK (if the Deposit to which the funds are to be credited requires replenishment)

The deposit does not allow for additional deposits during the deposit period

Receiving funds from Primary and Additional deposits and saving interest

  • withdrawal of funds is made at the first request of the depositor, regardless of the period of deposit in the account
  • interest on the basic rate and the additional bonus rate are saved if the term of finding the funds on the deposit is fulfilled (including if the deposit is extended for the next term)
  • if the term of the deposit is not met, the interest for the incomplete term is calculated at the rate (at the client's early closing) - 0.01% per annum

At the end of the deposit period
If, on the expiration date, the Contributor has not expressed a desire to receive funds from the Main or Additional Deposit, then the Main or Additional Deposit is automatically extended for a similar term for the next term.

View your interest rate
The change in the interest rate occurs after the maturity of the deposit and the extension of the bank deposit agreement for the next term, with the deposit setting the current rate in the CREDOBANK for that deposit on the day of such extension.

Additional features

  • in the premises of CREDOBANK you can issue a Power of Attorney to another person for the right to use interest and the amount of funds on deposit