OPTIMAL Deposit for those Clients who wish to receive a stable deposit income on a monthly or end-of-term basis (as additional income to wages, pensions or scholarships).

The minimum deposit amount

  • 500,00 UAH
  • 100,00 USD
  • 100,00 EUR

For deposits made through the KredoDirect system, the interest rate increases by + 1% in national currency, + 0.25% in US dollars, + 0.1% in Euro.

When serving the client on one of the Tariff packages, a BONUS up to the interest rate is automatically granted.

Interest on the deposit is paid monthly or at the end of the term.

Interest can be paid into the account of the client in KREDOBANK.

You can also make a bank payment card to your account and receive interest through ATMs or make purchases with their help.
When making a bank payment card (MasterCard Debit product line) to the Deposit, receiving funds at any ATM of Ukraine - FREE

The deposit does not allow for additional deposits during the deposit period

Receiving funds from the deposit and saving interest

  • withdrawal of funds is made at the first request of the depositor, regardless of the period of deposit in the account
  • interest is saved for the term of finding the funds on the deposit (including if the deposit is extended for the next term)
  • if the term of the deposit is not respected, the interest for the incomplete term is converted at the rate "At early closing at the Client's initiative" - ​​0,01% per annum.

At the end of the deposit period
If the Depositor does not wish to receive the funds on the expiration date, the deposit shall be automatically extended for a similar term for the next term.

View your interest rate
The change in the interest rate occurs after the maturity of the deposit and the extension of the bank deposit agreement for the next term;

Additional features

  • the deposit may be made in favor of another person, in which case the rights to deposit belong to the person who placed the deposit, but after applying to the bank of the person to whom the deposit was opened, the rights to the funds pass to it
  • in the premises of KREDOBANK you can issue a Power of Attorney to another person for the right to use interest and the amount of funds on deposit