The “Profitable” deposit is intended for Investors who want to receive the maximum income from the placed funds.

Minimum deposit amount

  • 500,00 UAH
  • 100,00 USD
  • 100,00 EUR

Interest on the deposit is paid at the end of the term or monthly

  • to the client’s account in KREDOBANK.

You can also issue a bank payment card to your account for free and receive interest through ATMs or make purchases using it

When applying for a bank payment card (MasterCard Debit product line) before the Deposit, receiving funds at any ATM in Ukraine - FOR FREE

The deposit does not provide for the possibility of replenishment with additional contributions during the term of the deposit

The deposit does not provide for early termination

After the deposit term expires on the day the deposit term expires, the Deposit and accrued interest are paid to the Client’s account with the Bank

Additional features

  • in the building of KREDOBANK you can provide access to the remote account management system “KredoDirect”, which will allow you to receive complete information and control over your Deposit via the Internet or by phone
  • subject to a conclusion at a branch of the Bank:

- the deposit can be placed in favor of another person, in which case the rights to the deposit belong to the person who placed the deposit, however, after applying to the bank of the person in whose name the deposit is opened, the rights to funds transfer to it;

- in the premises of KREDOBANK you can draw up a power of attorney to another person for the right to use interest and the amount of funds on the deposit.