Each time you receive funds for your card, the amount or percentage you have selected (from 1 to 100% of the money received, including the amount of the possible fee, kept by the bank for replenishing the card) will be automatically deposited into your Piggy Bank.

For example, you can choose:

  • to deposit in the "Treasury" for 15 UAH each time the money comes to the card
  • to put 10% of the proceeds into the Piggy Bank

Minimum term: 12 months with the possibility of automatic extension.

Deposit currency: UAH.

Maximum amount of deposits: UAH 50,000 per calendar month.

Interest accrual: When a deposit is extended for a new term, interest is credited to the deposit, and further interest is accrued for an increased amount.

Payment of interest: Interest is paid on the return of the deposit.

Interest rate: 11% pa.

You can change the accumulation conditions an unlimited number of times.