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Terms of Deposit «Savings»

Term of deposit: 3 months, 6 months, 367 days

Deposit currency: UAH, USD

Minimum deposit amount: 500 UAH / 100 USD

First payment: Within thirty days from the date of opening deposit

Deposit extension: Deposit with automatic extension

According to the customer choice: Monthly payment of interest on a client's card or current account, or monthly capitalization

Minimum amount of replenishment: 100 UAH / 20 USD / EUR

Replenishment: May be cash or non-cash

Possibility of partial withdrawals: During the grace period (7 days after prolongation), except for the balance of the minimum amount of the deposit

At pre-term closing of deposit: The recalculation of accrued interest is made from the commencement of the deposit agreement or from the date of the last renewal (for a prolonged agreement) at the rate approved by the effective tariffs of the bank for deposit on demand «Universal». For the issue of deposit during the 1st month from the date of opening the deposit, a commission for cash and settlement service in the amount of 0,5% of the deposit amount shall be paid. During the grace period, interest is paid in full.

SMS-notification: Free SMS-notification service on transactions carried out on deposit account