The most profitable deposits in banks of Ukraine

To preserve the existing capital and obtain passive income from deposits, you need to choose a banking institution with the best interest rate. Among the existing offers, depository services in Ukrainian banks have some differences: different rates on deposits, the possibility or absence of the possibility of an early break, the minimum deposit amount, the probability of overpayment, replenishment periods and other features. For investors, always make the right decision, so it is worth to objectively approach the choice of a bank or investment fund and the conditions of the deposit.

We suggest reconsidering comparisons of deposit rates at different banks in Ukraine and choosing the most advantageous offer from existing ones. Compare deposit rates of Ukrainian banks and choose the best offer. Use the deposit calculator, which calculates the profit from the deposit and will help you choose the best deposit on an individual request. To open a deposit and receive income from a deposit in Ukraine, contact the nearest branch of the selected bank, fill out an application online or call.

bank rates in Ukraine