Why do I need to write a statement in the DGF

An important role in the field of guaranteeing deposits is played by the Deposit Guarantee Fund for individuals. He is involved in the process of removing banks that have lost their solvency from the market and in paying refunds to customers who have invested in such banks. Despite its economic activities, the Fund does not aim at making a profit, and is also considered an independent economic institution.

As a result of the fact that the National Bank of Ukraine makes a decision, as a result of which the process of revoking a banking license takes place, depositors are entitled to receive the amount of reimbursement of funds on deposits. It is indicated that the maximum amount that the Deposit Guarantee Fund returns to investors is 200.00 UAH, together with interest.

After a temporary administration is introduced into an insolvent bank, it independently compensates the funds to depositors, within its capabilities. Cash payments occur within 30 days. If during this period the depositor did not manage to receive compensation, he must file a claim with the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund.

At the moment when the bank liquidation procedure begins, a list of depositors is drawn up indicating the amounts to be returned. Compensation is issued by a separately designated agency.

Guaranteed refunds are paid out during the bank liquidation process, which usually takes no more than two years. The process of payment of guaranteed amounts of reimbursement of funds on deposits is ending on the day when documents are submitted to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities on the liquidation of the bank as a legal entity.

Statement writing explanation

The writing of the application, which is sent to return the guaranteed amount of compensation, takes place according to the officially established model.

Attached to the application:

  • A copy of the investor’s passport, namely the page on which the information is contained: name, document number, organization that issued the document and place of residence.
  • Copy of the identification code (taxpayer registration card registration number).
  • If the reimbursement process takes place by proxy, a notarized copy of the power of attorney is added to the general list of documents. Payments will be made to the name of the depositor.

When the documents arrive at the Fund, they will be checked by an authorized person. The data is verified with the data provided by the liquidator. After the information is verified, the person who is granted the right to return the guaranteed amount of compensation will be entered in the official register for the transfer of funds.

application to deposit guarantee fund

How and where to apply

In order for depositors to receive payments, it is necessary to send an application with attached copies of documents to the Deposit Guarantee Fund for individuals. Send to the direct address of the Foundation - Sichovyh Striltsiv St., 17, Kyiv, 04053.

After the Fund will consider the submitted application, it will send a response. An agent bank will be appointed, with the help of which the mandatory amount of compensation for the deposit will be returned. A response will be sent to the address that the applicant indicated in his application.